2015 Speakers Include

 Steve Rees
Steve Rees
Vice President of Screening Sciences and Sample Management
 Inge Moelans
Inge Moelans
Director Compound Logistics & Formulations
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
 Janet Diratsouian
Janet Diratsouian
Associate Director, Discovery Compound Management
 Martin Brunner
Martin Brunner
Principal Scientist
 Andreas Bender
Andreas Bender
Lecturer for Molecular Informatics
University of Cambridge
 Sylviane Boucharen
Sylviane Boucharen
COO/CSO, BioAscent
European Lead Factory
 Betsy Manikowski
Betsy Manikowski
Compound Management & Engineering
 Ludovic Otterbein
Ludovic Otterbein
Head of Global Compound Management and Analytical Chemistry
 Cindi Schulz
Cindi Schulz
Manager, Chemical Operations, Pfizer La Jolla
Pfizer Biotherapeutics

Next Generation Compound Management: Where Do We Go From Here?

As compound management needs to be renewed, companies are faced with different options. 10 years on and a lot of companies are faced with the same questions – what solutions are best for managing compounds? Is outsourcing the answer? Collaborating with other companies/institutions? Or simply renewing and replacing old systems with new technologies?

PharmaIQ’s Compound and Sample Management conference answers all these questions for you. Designed to give you all you need to ensure your compounds are managed effectively including:

  • Site Visits: gain an insight into a compound management storage system
  • Case studies: hear from leading industry experts on tried and tested methods
  • Lesson learnt: what have we learnt over the past 10 years
  • Networking: join in the many interactive and networking sessions to share ideas including our fairground themed drinks reception.

Find all the answers and expertise around the most pressing issues in the compound world including:

  • Collaborations and compound sharing: is Open Innovation the answer? Pros and cons of collaborations
  • Next generation compound storage: storage Options For the Future
  • Outsourcing versus Insourcing: weighing out the best options
  • Maintaining quality of your samples: analysing the quality of compounds

Back Due to Popular Demand:

  • Site Visit: High Throughput Screening Focus Day and a chance to look around the TTP site
  • Two events under one roof: due to the success of last year, 2015 is co-located with the Global Biobanking Forum

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